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it. does the increased revenue come from government taking a larger share of what the american people earn through higher tax rates? >> reporter: joining us now from the hill newspaper, the senate correspondent for the hill, alexander bolton. you wrote about this of -- some of this today. senate majority leader harry reid came out today and said, you know, listen, we're willing to work with you, republicans, but we're not going to get bushd -- pushed around. here, the speaker of the house saying, basically, you know, we're going to work with you and only on the things that we think we can work on. so, where are we in your view about any realization of compromise up on the hill? >> well, what happened today is both leaders stabbed out their opening positions to dominate congress the next six weeks and those are negotiations to avoid the -called fiscal cliff. the expiration to push the tax rate and the implementation of automatic spending cuts to the
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tune of $110 billion. and both reid and boehner today said where the starting position is and it's a lot different from when where it was six months ago. >> there was a bit of deja vu when they listen -- you listened to them today. they were saying the same things last spring before everyone started to get into e location mode. so, when you hear republicans saying we don't think this president has any clear mandates, is there any signal besides some -- that they're sending that there is any work done behind the scenes? >> i don't think much work was done. what would happen at the end of the year dependd on the results of the presidential election and we didn't know that last night. now we do know it. the question is, does the election change anything still president. democrats still control the senate, republicans still control the house. well, harry reid claimed today that the election was a big mandate for democrats and that president obama was
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overwhelmingly re-elected and that could be debatable. he said democrats increased their majority in the senate, which they did and the number of house seats. he's claiming a political mandate but doesn't seem like boehner's buying it. >> and there is a questeration that is hanging over everyone's -- sequestration that is hanging over everyone's head, that is what they want to work on. is there's way on work on sequestration? >> democrats rejected that. the only way to turn off the sequestration is if republicans compromise on taxes and that means they want republicans to agree to raise taxes. democrats are insisting that the bush tax rates and the sequestration be linked, and i'll be surprised if they backed off that position now. >> alexander bolton from the hill, we appreciate you coming in. when they left here to campaign, they left a laundry list of things to do. there could be dirty laundry in the future before they work it out. >> all right, guys, three big issues on the ballot in maryland moving forward.
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the voters approved questions 4, 6, and 7, question 4 allowing illegal immigrants to get in-state tuition if they make certain requirements. question 6 of approving same- sex marriage in the state, approving table games and the sixth casino in prince georges county. that will be placed at national harbor. >> andy made it clear from the beginning i think it's national harbor. it offers the state in prince georges county the chance to build a high-end destination resort that is not about table games and slot machines but economic development. >> mgm proposed building a casino in national harbor. he said that could bring in $200 million to the state. the site selection will be believed -- handled by the maryland gaming agency. maryland democrats picked up a seat in the the house of representatives. the newcomer john delaney beat roscoe bartlet. he had 59% of the vote compared
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to 38% for part et-- bartlet. the republican leaning frederick. and joining us live tonight after his big victory. mr. delaney, congratulations, first of all. >> thank you, brian. >> and you know, cynics would say the only reason you have the job is because they carved out a path for thank you to get it with redistricting up there and cutting bartlet into his republican territory. how do you smooth the waters over because they're now your constituents? >> and cynics may say that but it's not true. we won the western parts of the district, the parts of the district before the renewed redistricting map and we had a strong victorory. that silent first way to start, by having a di log with the voters, which i have had throughout the campaign, about the issues important to the country and that is what led to our victory and that is the model i will use going forward. i want to be an engaged representative of the citizens of the sick els -- sixth district across the whole district. >> did your platform include
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some issue of importance to republicans in the area? republicans are few and far between in annapolis as it is. >> i think my platform, which focused on employment and jobs and doing things across the country and create good jobs, jobs with a descent standard of living. that resonated with democrats and republicans and independent voters. the results prove that. >> and can you promise your voters you want to rubber stamp whatever comes down from governor o'malley and perhaps whoever is after him or are you in line with the rest of the democrats in annapolis? >> i promised i would listen to them and base my decisions based on facts and not ideology. >> thank you for coming. >> thanks for having me. d.c. voters overwhelmingly approved the a mondayments
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kicking them out of office. there were three amendments, one requiring the mayor to resign immediately if convicted of a felony and another requiring the same thing of a council member and. this is a mummy you might have missed. bob mcdonnell offered george allen encouragemen after his concession speech last night and he hugged him back stage and asked why he conceded before the race was called. >> reporter: senator -- [ indiscernible ] why concede so early tonight? >> we saw what the results are. >> senator-elect tim kaine won the race 52-48%. in new york and new jersey, people recovering from sandy are preparing for the worst, a nor'easter. janice dean has the latest. >> reporter: the northeast catching no breaks from mother nature as a nor'easter strikes
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the region, which is still dealing with the aftermath of superstorm sandy. philadelphia already seeing the affects of the storm with afternoon snowfall. new jersey governor chris christy telling garden state residents to prepare for the worst. >> and i can see us moving backwards. people losing power again, especially inland because of the snow it could happen here as well if there is significant flooding and wind and damage, and we're not going to know until the storm passes. >> reporter: new york city officials encouraging folks to seek higher ground and while closing down all parks and beaches. >> the fdny have 20 task forces outfitted with small inflatable boats, pumps, chain soy a saws and equipment near potential areas and we think we're ready for anything.
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>> reporter: major airlines canceling flights in and out of the region. united and american both suspending service in the new york city area today. >> and other airlines asking passengers to reschedule their flights for a later date, offering to wave the usual fee for doing so. the nor'easter expected to intensify throughout the evening and last into the morning, pounding the region with a mix of high winds, freezing rain, sleet, and snow n. new york, janice dean, fox news. how's it going to affect us? >> we night have a sprinkle or a flake and the chill. no big winds here. wait until you see the snow totals we're going show you from the northeast. we'll have that forecast and a changing weather pattern coming up. and scott, what is coming up in sports? >> basketball gets a big boost a couple of days before season tipoff and what are the redskins fans doing over the biweek? who rg3 is blaming. >> and then after an almost 80
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year battle, a maryland town reverses an alcohol ban. hol ba . >> we going to send a message around the world that carolina prohibition failed. >> and historic referendums pass in two states directly going against federal law. if you have a story idea, calls at 202-895-3,000. we're back. @
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. a historic referendum passed in colorado and washington state. voters approved recreational marijuana use. the states are the first in the u.s. to legalize the use of the drug. both ballot measures refer to adult use only. experts say implementation remains uncertain since it contradicts federal law. and some voters can wait to toast their election win. the town of damascus lifted a decades old alcohol ban and they're worried it will lead to
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more sales such as bars and carry out liquor stores and they want to protect children from early exposure to alcohol. and voters overwhelmingly approved the levee to approve floods. the bond will go towards building the system to protect homes in the huntington section of alexandrea and that flooded four times. the nor'easter is taking aim at the northeast. the storm promising snow and more flooding. new york will get what we can expect from the storm. it was an exciting election light across the country for the family. their own victory. adrian was born and decided to -- decided to upstage the candidates. the howard county paramedics showed up in time to cut the umbilical chord. they're doing just fine. st fin
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. >> reporter: super storm sandy victims in new york and new jersey are bracing for a nor'easter tonight. anna coyman has the latest from long beach, new york. >> reporter: the atlantic ocean behind me is getting angry. a flood warning is now in effect for folks here in long beach and in and around the region. this has folks vulnerable to the potential four-foot storm surge and wind gust up to 60 miles per hour after all of the terrible devastation from hurricane sandy last week. and now what you see here, initially from the storm surge was pushed in the street. we watched as bulldozers piled it up to act as a protection. the boardwalk we're standing on
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here is a mangled and tangled mess. about 33,000 people here on long beach year round rely heavily on tourism as well and they're hoping this boardwalk gets up and running by next summer. their main concern there, is no power ire island. they're trying to stay worm as they brace for the nor'easter. >> you don't have plumbing or power. >> no electric, can't get to the bank. no cell phones. the landlord hasn't been around. we need heat and running water. it's sewage water. it's disgusting. >> i don't know if i'm going to make it anymore i don't know what to do. >> reporter: police have been going to low-lying areas. there are mandatory evacuations in place and some the hardest hit parts. many don't want to heed the warnings because of concerns of looters. a curfew is in place and the national guard is on the ground
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and there are utility lights in place throughout long beach to try to curb those problems. debris still lines the streets and there are some signs of resilience here, an american flag erected above the rebel. >> and there is some good news. the holland tunnel is open to all traffic. it was closed because of the storm. more than 90,000 commuters go through the dunel every day. nor'easter is not doing a lot for us. >> it's going to have little impact here. and can you get enough to coat the ground out there and most of the grassy areas. right now, still just some light rain. and let's look at the snow that is being reported in the philadelphia area and officially, the last measurement was a trace of snow and that is not what they want to so right now and a couple of other areas, jersey had between an inch and three inches, the
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lowest amounts in the southern portion. the central park has had under an inch of snow and connecticut, getting three to seven inches of snow and that is about the snow and really the cold that the nor'easter is delivering and this is too far to do anything for us. were we expected to see the precipitation along and east of i-95? we're seeing that on radar and most of it is liquid variety, and we'll jump to the sentinel radar and give you a composite picture here. we see snow in new jersey and we're going to jump to max three here and put that in motion. can you so the radar pictures and hopefully it's ready to go here. i think it is and hopefully we can jump over to that other. there it is. all right. light rain, again, overdone here on the composite picture.
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let me show you where that snow is up to jersey, into new york and new england. the nor'easter, again s going to pull out of the area late tonight. we have a lot of winter weather advisors up there. we have, looks like they took a couple down here and hartford is in it. a couple of portions of the eastern shore up high in maryland. little here, again, a few chances for sprinkles or a flake here and there and temperature right now, though, it's a big story. 39 degrees and it's going to be a cold one tonight. the district is 44 degrees and you get to classes like new york, 32 degrees. the snow they're getting is going to stick and we have had some gusts up there as well. the highest gusts is 50. you can see that stevensville is close to one of those gusts. they're getting a gust of 28 miles an hour. the wins are not that bad and that is not something they want to see. they have had to shut down repairs they were doing and we think if this is the worst they
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get that will keep the water levels down and check out the future cast. as we go forward in up to, some continuing snow for portions of the del marva and some locate amounts there covering the grass and maybe a sprinkle or snowmake for some areas and into the morning hours, it releases the grip on our area and affecting new england tomorrow and a pattern change is coming 23&at the end of this, we have lots of clear skies on tap and's warm-up comes up and while we know we're going to be chilly tomorrow at 52 degrees and that sun is back and breezy tomorrow. friday on the cool side and saturday into sunday and monday, a nice warm-up coming and that is in time for veteran's day. the west gets stormy and we selling down in the east. >> and thank you, sue. from laundromats to lifeguard stations, some voters
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cast their ballots in a variety of unusual polling stations on tuesday. they voted at a column bearium, a building housing earned in chicago. the polling stations were on the top floor of a 43-story skyscraper and how about a chicago laundromat. folks voted at the lifeguards station before hitting the beach. tonight, d.c. united takes to the road against new york in a win or go home scenario. scott smith is up next with the sports edge. a young entrepreneur invented -- [ indiscernible ] this is the motorized vehicle suitle that take you from washington driving in an instant and like the movie transformer. he appeared on the show shark tank. -- tank. no word. 
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. on monday, mike shanahan talked about e valuing. it includes santana moss with a concussion, jamaal brown tip and pierre garcon's foot. there is a chance they could return to action. even the franchise, robert griffin 3 needs an extra day and after being hit nine times. it's taken the fair share of lunch through 9 games and understands the frustration and says they will blame the coaching staff and that is the wrong thing to do. >> and that will say a drastic change will be made. i don't feel that way and that it's on us to go out there and play. regardless of what the coach calls special teams. we're out there playing and have to make plays happen.
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>> a trip to the eastern conference finals is on the line for d.c. united and visit new york. unite side coming off of a disappointing one-run draw and lost right back andy nahar in the game with the red car in the 70th minute. tonight, not only will they be without rosario, but nah ar as well. >> and i don't think that we would change much. i think from the way we changeed here at rfk, i think we stick with that and team effort we put in is fine and we have to continue to move forward and created -- created some chances. that is going out there and standing the course to be successful. >> to georgetown, tipping off the season on friday against number 10 florida from the deck of an aircraft carrier. the annual classic takes place off of the coast of jacksonville, florida, and giving them a chance for the action.
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and maryland opens on friday in brooklyn against the defending national champs kentucky and they will have help. and they will play. the ncaa approved his waiver appeal this morning. >> tonight, the wizards are against the celtics in boston. they dropped the home opener to the celtics, 89-86. >> and down to shawn yancy for a look at what is coming up at 10. >> and some scary moments for a fairfax county girl. a man attacked her inside a bathroom. how it happened and the clues that could lead police to the suspect. also, a fox 5 consumer report. and do you toss and turn night after night? a single change could be the answer to a good night's sleep. tonight on fox 5 news at 10.
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brian. >> and thank you. over to sue palka. >> the pattern change is coming, brian. going to be chilly the next few days and tonight as we drop to 38 degrees and maybe a light shower or a flurry, nothing that will cause a problem. we are going to see our temperatures rising as we get into the weekend and about 63 degrees on saturday. it looks like for our veteran's day on sunday, 67 and that is nice to get some warmer air back in here, brian. >> thank you, sue. now you have the news edge. the news is always on back here at 10. hope i will be, too. in the meantime, tmz on tv is next. next. have a fantastic night. ight.  ♪
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